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Featured Listings
  • West End 2 Br Condo

    Desirable West End two bedroom Condo, offering charm, privacy and quiet with all

  • Wellfleet Indian Neck Area

    Wellfleet- Indian Neck Area with stunning views of the Bay.

  • Longnook Beach Area Home

    Beautifully decorated, immaculate 5 bedroom house located 1 mile from Longnook B

  • Near Ryder Beach in South Truro

    Spectacular Five bedroom Old Cape Home just minutes from the amazing Ryder Beach


Rent Your Property

It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary Outer Cape homeowner into a landlord. Maybe you have to move but want to keep your home and rent it out as an Outer Cape vacation rental. Or you have a change of fortune — you get married, receive an inheritance or buy a new house before you unload the old one.

If you’re thinking of renting, ask yourself:

  1. Is it worth hanging onto this property?

  2. How will you feel about strangers moving into your home?

  3. Can you  turn a dime on a real-estate rental while avoiding bad tenants?

The answer to these questions depends partly on the place itself. Ideally, it’s in good repair, in a safe part of town and the mortgage is cheap or paid off. The more your place departs from this ideal, the more closely you should look at selling if you can. That’s because, whatever your reason for holding and renting out a spare house — and there are many — it won’t work if you don’t treat it like a business.

The best route to take is hiring a an experienced agent to guide you through the rental process. They can help you make sure that your property is ready to rent and they can also screen renters for you.

An experienced agent can help you:

  1. Providing a safe, smoothly functioning home for your tenants

  2. Make sure plumbing, wiring and appliances function, outdoor areas and stairways are safe

  3. Quickly respond to a tenant’s report of any malfunction or problem

  4. Advertise the rental and select tenants


Determining Price

  1. Calculate your “nut.” That’s the total cost of keeping the place going, including mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance, yardwork, repairs and any professional services you’ll need, which could include property management, tax help and a legal consultant.

  2. Estimate your rent price. A competitive rent price reflects prevailing rates, so simply adding up your cost of ownership won’t do. Check with an experienced rental agent  to assess the price range for similar units in your locale.

  3. Compare the rent you think you can get with your costs. Even if your costs exceed your income on the rental, there may be good reasons for hanging onto the property. Among them: tax-sheltered depreciation; the chance of a profit if property values appreciate; the need to hold a home for a family member to use later; the prospect of a worse loss incurred by selling immediately; or the simple desire to add to the value of your estate.


Once you decide if renting your Outer Cape home is right for you, contacting an experienced agent at Outer Cape Vacation Properties can give you peace of mind. We’ll help you determine the right price for rental, inform you of the care and maintenance required to keep your home ship-shape, and we can also act as property managers and provide maintenance and other support as needed.

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